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Dear East Bay Masters,

As you probably know, our fellow player Chad Lathrop has been battling cancer ever since he played at Tsunami de Mayo tournament
last May.  As you can see from the update below, the battle is far from  over, and Chad needs help from all of us.
Please keep directing positive thoughts of strength and support to Chad and his family.
We are all missing Chad and wish him full recovery and having him on the pool deck as soon as  possible.
I also encourage you to follow the link bellow to donate and help Chad and his family get through these trying times.
I hope that you will all appreciate this opportunity to show that East Bay Masters and water polo community in general cares and
supports all its members.

Stay strong Chad, and get well soon!!




Hi CCU Masters...

I encourage everyone to read the below Facebook post that Ron Johnson has passed along to us...

Chad Lathrop, part of our CCU Family has been struggling with sinus cancer since the early part of May.  Chad was one of the original CCU Masters members who participated in our first Masters Nationals at Soda Center many years ago, he could also be found playing in Napa and with East Bay...everywhere there is a game Chad is on one, two or even three teams.  Besides being a great polo player he has become a great friend to many of us in the Water Polo community, or hearts go out to he and his family and our wish for his full recovery.  

I have attached a link; that if you feel so inclined, it will allow you to donate to help fund his out of pocket expenses for his medical cost and supplement his families living expenses while he is undergoing treatment. I have also attached his personal email address if any of you would like to reach out and offer your prayers or encouragement directly to him.  If any of you have ideas on how to help Chad (either through fund raiser, donation, even an offering of your time) please let me know.  With a group of our size and connections we are bound to find some ways to help Chad get through this.  

I know what Water Polo means to many of us...and I know Chad views water polo as his extended family...Lets get together as a collective group and help out one of our family members.  

GET WELL SOON CHAD!!  We want to see you back on the deck and in the pool.   







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